Yvonne Bryant

Licensed Salesperson

Hi I’m Yvonne Bryant and it’s a pleasure to work on behalf of people who choose to make Hamilton their home.
The city has a bright future and I feel privileged to work as a salesperson in a city where investment in property seems such a sound option. For anyone raising a family, for any investor, or for any individual simply seeking to build on savings or wealth – residential real estate continues to perform.

Hamilton’s economic strength is underpinned a strong rural sector that surrounds us, health and education facilities that are among the biggest and most progressive in New Zealand, and by transport and service infrastructure that is the envy of many, if not all, other regions.

In terms of residential real estate development, the upcoming decade will follow-on from the previous 20 years, in that we’ll continue to see some of the best-planned new suburbs emerge in the south of the city, and a continuation of the impressive options available to the north.

My job is to help you with your next move in what’s a dynamic and fast-paced market. I have a good history in the industry, having worked for Lodge for a number of years, primarily focused on corporate design and property advertising content. I have a flair for creativity, and look to offer up ideas that bring a different perspective and can add value.

I have a strong network of real estate colleagues and have excellent knowledge of the impressive array of resources and tools here at Lodge. I know what it takes to get solid results in good time.

My style is one of advocacy. To me great service starts with a good ear, in that I’ll listen and understand your desires, motives, and goals. From this point I’ll seek to supply you with a number of options that I believe will best-suit your needs. We’ll pick the option we think will get us the best result, and we’ll build a marketing and sales plan around that.
If you’re selling, the number one priority will be to maximise the potential of your home or investment property, attracting the best market price possible.

If you’re buying, I’ll work on a plan that will help you gain a strong understanding of what represents the best-value buys in the market, with a focus on ‘ticking the boxes’ of your main priority areas.
To secure a deal in this market, you’ll need an agent that is a good communicator, is in-tune with what’s happening, and has you as their number one focus.

I offer all that, and more.

I’m in the business of helping your real estate decisions succeed.
Let’s get started – give me a call, 021 145 3513.

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