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- Mujiono family

"Sue Hall recently acted for me with respect to the sale of one of my properties and she had also previously acted for me with the sale of another property. I must say that it has been a pleasure to deal with Sue. She is courteous, efficient, very direct and business like with her statements and communicates regularly. As a busy..."

- John
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Generational Change

29th Aug 18

Its not news – With every generation change, the way we live our lives changes as well. 

Never has that statement been as correct as it is now … Economically, it makes more sense to go out and buy a jersey instead of knitting one, the big “OE” is now par for the course, a large amount of socialising is done via Apps or websites, more and more infants and toddlers are in full time care as both parents need to work to make ends meet, fewer young Kiwi’s can afford to buy their own homes, land for new homes is scarce and the quarter acre Kiwi dream is now more like a fantasy.

Even though some of us still dream of a spacious family home on a quarter acre, the way a lot of younger Kiwi’s see their dream home has also changed.  Instead of three or four bedroom homes that have space for Africa and sections for pets, kids and vege gardens, two or three bedroom townhouses, duplexes and apartments are now the focus of dreams.

These homes actually suit the modern life perfectly – As they are newer, all of the modern conveniences are included as standard, there is little or no maintenance and the ability to lock them up and go away for the weekend or on a holiday is easy.  Another main factor is, of course, they can be a lot more affordable than a “traditional” home, making the leap into property ownership a little easier.

More often than not, younger Kiwi’s are opting for homes that are handy to shopping centres (Suburban or central), supermarkets, restaurants, eateries and those that are closer to arterial routes – All factors that enable you to optimise the free time you have.

Up until recently however, it was a bit of a “No-no” to even think about constructing or buying a property that didn’t offer at least one car park – Garage, carport or off-street parking – One had to be included.

Bring in the next generational change … New townhouses and duplexes that have purposefully excluded carparking!

Hamilton is in period of change and growth, it is definitely a city where development has its eyes on the future.  Overseas, apartment living has been the “norm” for some time and few people actually own a vehicle.  Recent developments in Christchurch and Auckland that purposefully excluded carparking were extremely popular and sold really quickly primarily for their location and price.

Hamilton has quite a few developments taking place at the moment – The central city and new Northern suburbs are just a couple, as well as many more new areas in the pipelines.  One development that is taking a leaf from Christchurch and Auckland will be built on Vialou Street, with demolition of the existing building due to start in October.

The development will consist of 12 two level townhouses with a small outdoor living space but no carparking.

The way we are living and the resources that we have available have changed, so it does make sense that the designs of our homes change to modern life as well.  As time goes by, there are going to be a lot more of these “new design” homes popping up so as you drive to work, run the kids around or head off to brunch on Sunday, keep your eyes open and watch the progress.


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