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"Great company, great resources and great people. Sue has managed to sell our house within only the two month period we agreed upon. The sale became unconditional within seven days and Sue managed to keep our lovely tenant in place, as we had promised them. Great job! Thank you Sue and your team. "

- Mujiono family

" Awesome Team Sue Hall! It has been a pleasure working with a person of Sue's calibre. She was always professional in her attitude, warm and kind. She has an excellent knowledge of the housing marketing and an intuition regarding people, which gave a stabilising influence when "nervousness" appeared at times. She gave suggestions that were well timed and appreciated and..."

- R Lee & M Hohua
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Balloons Over Waikato 2020

18th Mar 20

It was with extreme disappointment and heavy hearts that the organisers of Balloons Over Waikato announced that all public events, including morning inflation and the Nightglow have been cancelled.

"As per the Government recommendations in regards to mass gatherings, Balloons over Waikato have made the decision to cancel public attendance at Innes Common for morning flying, The University of Waikato for Nightglow, and all other sub events associated with the Festival."

"The event falls into the ‘mass gathering’ criteria as a free event that is non ticketed with attendees numbering over 1000 and therefore feel it is the right thing to do for our community."

"We are extremely disappointed not to be able to deliver this amazing community event to the City and the region, but strongly support all measures put in place by the Ministry of Health and government to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on New Zealand."

Balloons Over Waikato is an annual event that takes place over a week in March and first began back in 1988.  The event attracts balloon pilots and enthusiasts from all around the world including Canada, America, Australia, United Kingdom, China, and Brazil and fills the skies of Hamilton with a myriad of colourful and uniquely shaped balloons. 

The festival week is normally finished off with the Nightglow - A fun filled afternoon / evening featuring the balloons being inflated and "glowing" along to an array of musical scores and a fantastic fireworks display.

The good news is, that the balloons are still in town along with their pilots, so they will still be filling the Hamilton skies.  So, instead of heading down to Innes Common at the crack of dawn, enjoy the Carnival of Colour by looking out from your window, from wherever you happen to be over the week.

Remember - Keep looking up, the balloons will still be filling the skies of Hamilton with colour over the next few days!


For updates and a first hand look at the balloons, visit the Balloons Over Waikato Facebook page.


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